Some people have fancy trees that they trim to perfection, wrapping with beautiful little white lights and shimmering ribbon – all the ornaments fit into a pre-determined color or thematic scheme. . .

Not in my house.  I’ve been forever obsessed with the big colored light bulbs and gaudy tinsel that my mom wrapped around our tree when I was growing up.  So, when we started having kids and setting up a tree for their enjoyment. . .  well, things got tacky quick.

It began with the big lights I grew up with – and some tiny white ones, too – wrapped from all the way inside around the trunk to the outside of the tree (so you can lie down underneath and look up at a galaxy of Christmas lights).  After that came the tinsel boas – so called because I used to drape them around my neck as a child and pretend to be a “foncy lady.”  And then. . . the paper chain.  I try to make a new one each year as they always end up destroyed by January 6th.  One day I’ll have well-mannered, self-controlled kids who don’t get into tearing up paper chains. . . till then.

And, of course, my tacky, kid-friendly trees are always full of a wide and varied assortment of ornaments.  Anything my mom or mother-in-law have passed on to me plus whatever strikes my fancy at the 75% off after-Christmas sales plus all kinds of ornaments my kids have made over the past 9 years.

Here’s just a couple of possible kid-made tree ornaments that would look great on a family friendly Christmas tree:

Cut baubles from felt and give the kids an assortment of sequins, ribbon and ric-rac to glue on and make ornaments like these at Bugs and Fishes.  Reinforce by sewing if desired.



I’ve seen these cute snowman bauble ornaments all over the web.  What a cute idea!  And if you attatch the name of the child-artist and the year to each, you have a lasting Christmas memory.  So happy that Crystal at Little Bit Funky shared the idea.



 Just one thing to do today: 

Gather your kids and your craft supplies and make some new ornaments for the tree.  Be sure to label each with the creator’s name and the year.