Some ideas for your St. Lucy’s day feasting. . .

I love an easy solution to any family tradition, and Catholic Icing provides one for dealing with the St. Lucy braided wreath that is traditional morning fare for the holiday.  Instead of staying up late or waking early to make a from-scratch stuffed and braided saffron pastry wreath, take it easy on yourself and purchase some refrigerated cinnamon rolls, unravel the rolls and braid the strands, circling the braid around to form a wreath.  Top with the included icing and insert candles.  So much easier. 

These Norwegian Wreaths, courtesy of TLC, are fun and easy to make and go with both the Scandinavian and wreath ideas.

If you are feeling quite adventurous, you can try this traditional, cold Scandinavian Fruit Soup made with dried fruits (and feel free to leave out the star anise if you want).  Or, if you are certain this would make your kids run from the kitchen, just put out a bowl of mixed dried fruits.

I always try to get my hands on some red juice for breakfast as red is a color traditionally associated with both St. Lucy’s Day and Christmas.  A cran mix is nice, but if you can get some lingonberry juice, that would be great.

Just one thing to do today: 

Write down your St. Lucy’s Day breakfast menu, making the food as low in prep-time as you can convince yourself is okay.  Then go shopping to gather any items you don’t already have at home.