Day 7 ~ Three graces from people you love

  • Her blond head nuzzled against my chest.
  • That he still finds me physically attractive 12 years, 4 pregnancies, and many pounds and gray hairs later.
  • Chores done promptly – consistently.

Day 8 ~ Light that caught you, a reflection that surprised you, a shadow that fell lovely

  • Sun blinding through the branches as I walk.
  • Yellow light on the counter.
  • The cross that moves across my bedroom wall every sunny day.

Day 9 ~ A gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat by

  • Warm, soft bread dough dusted with a bit of flour.
  • Children all snuggled down in bed with pets, stuffed animals, baby dolls, blankets.
  • Small faces all smeared with pizza and brownies.

Day 10 ~ A gift that’s sour, a gift that’s sweet, a gift that’s Just. Right.

  • Finding out my dishwasher never ran – having to hand wash what I needed.
  • Snickerdoodles for covenant group.
  • Oldest son reading the story of Jonah from his Bible as we drive – a different kind of music in the car.

Day 11 ~ Three yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy.

  • Yellow lights that let you through when you can’t stop in time.
  • “The Golden Arches” and their $1 Dr. Peppers.
  • The curb that the kids insist on walking from the parking lot to the library – every time – no matter the weather or how many books I’m lugging in to return – they simply must practice their balancing skills. 

Day 12 ~ Something above you, something below you, something beside you

  • Our yellow-bellied sap-sucker made an appearance this afternoon.
  • The crumbs left behind by four well-fed children.
  • A sniffy-nosed boy looking over my shoulder.

Day 13 ~ Three sounds you hear

  • Howling wind outside.
  • Two youngest playing together, wrapped up in imagination.
  • The crackle and pop of the fire in the stove.

Day 14 ~ Three ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God.

  • The shout that birthed the apology to son – and his forgiveness.
  • Time for rest and relaxation – a rare treat – treatment for a sore back, too.
  • The words, “You’re fine.”

Day 15 ~ One thing you wore, one thing you gave away, one thing you shared.

  • The down winter jacket my mom passed along to me.
  • My shoulders as we watched a movie and two little ones fell asleep leaning in.
  • Laughter – my favorite thing to share with my kids.

And a even more thanks:

  • Sleep through the night (for the most part).
  • A cat who can open the back door by himself.
  • The way Mary says “eachother” – “demchuddas”
  • John 8 (a fun and fiesty chapter to study)
  • Little shoes on the wrong feet
  • Kid messes. . .  Kid volume. . .  God peace. . .
  • Grimey hands
  • Footy pajamas
  • Bedtime
  • All four kids asleep last night almost immediately after prayers. . .
  • All four kids sleeping in – nice quiet morning for me. . .
  • James Herriot – hilarious – why have I waited so long to read his books!?. . .
  •  Kids playing together – all together and then split by younger and older. . .
  • Olive oil. . .
  • A corned beef in the crock pot (and it’s not even March!). . .
  • This almost 24 hour backache. . .
  • Hot coals left in a cold stove. . .
  • Stale pecan sandies to hold us over till pancakes are ready. . .
  •  Cold toes. . .
  • Bud-Jack almost playing the part of Hansel, so close to the wood stove. . .
  • The smell of Grandma’s crumb cake warming me up this morning. . .
  • Lilac-colored dusk
  • Warm dessert