I trust in God’s unfailing love
   for ever and ever.

~Psalm 52:8b

When I was a child, I put my full and complete trust in the love of my parents.  I couldn’t understand the scope of it, nor did I care.  I just knew they loved me and trusted that love to keep me and care for me.

But as I grew older I began to comprehend their love, limited by their own humanity.  It did, in fact, have boundaries – boundaries that I could understand because my love had them, too.  Their love was conditional, as was mine.  Their love couldn’t save me any more than mine could save them.  I still appreciated this love, but it was not a love in which to place faith for my whole life.

Now, I put that unreserved faith in the incomprehensible love of God.

I just don’t understand His love for me.  It astounds.  I can’t prove it – can’t find scientific evidence to prove that He loves me no matter what.

And I don’t want to.

Why would I put faith – all my trust – for my whole life, past, present and future – in something finite enough to prove or mentally grasp.  Only a love beyond measure, beyond human understanding, beyond boundaries. . .  only that kind of love can truly keep and save.

There is comfort in that big a love – that deep and immeasurable and incomprehensible a love.